House Heroes


During our long stay at the house in NYC we met many children and we are asked all the time by other families how they are doing, so I compiled this link page to their websites so you can check in on them even when you have returned home!

Here are just some of the brave and special children and also young adults we met and become friends with, they all have a type of cancer or life threatening condition needing specialized care away from their homes and needing to stay at the house in NYC at some stage of treatment.


Check out these kids, they are all so beautiful and so amazing!











































































Alexa                   Alina                    Alyssa                 Alyssa W               Andrew                Anthony                  Ashton                 Aurora



Bradley               Brayden                  Brice                  Bronson                Brooklyn                Canon                   Carlos                   Carolyn



Carter                  Chloe                     Cody                    Coen                    Connor                 Dawson                 Devin C                  Drew



Dylan                   Elizabeth                 Erin                    Gage                    Giavanna                Grier                    Griffin                  Hannah



Isaiah                    Jack D                  Jenna                  Jeremy                   Joey                      John                     Josh                      Julie



Justin C                Justin G                    Karli                  Kassidy                  Kelly                        Kieran               Laura                    Lauren



Maddy                 Matthew                 Maya                    Megan                   Mitchel               Morgan B               Morgan                Nathan



 Noah                     Paris                   Patrick                     Peter                   Raen                   Ryan M                    Sam                    Sarah



Sean                   Skyler                 Sydney D              Sydney S                Taylor                  Taylor L                   Trey                       Ty



Tyler                    Zack                  Zachary C              Zachary Y









Amanda              Andrea                 Anthony                 Austin                  Brody                     Carl                      Carter                  Chassity



Christi                 Cody J                Courtney                  Devin                     Eli                       Ellie                    Emily                    Ethan            



Faith                    Gabriel                  Grace                     Gus                     Hugo                       Ila                       Jack                     Jake



Jackson                  James                    Jay                       Jess                   Joseph                 Justin O                   Kody                   Kylie



Laura                   Lillie                   Lincoln                     Lucas                    Madisyn               Marissa                 Mason                Morgan D



Nathan                   Nick                    Owen                    Ryan                     Ryan                      Valeria                 Ylaria






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